Featured Customer

Sarah and Byron Dickard


When we make deliveries, we get a small peek into the personalities of some of our customers. Whether it's an apartment or a house, big or small, Austinites love to show their flair and give you a sense of who they are even before they open the door. We've been delivering to Sarah and Byron Dickard for 10 months after being referred by one of our very first customers. Whenever we make a delivery to The Dickards, it's always with a huge smile because we know that if they are not at home, we'll still be greeted by their doorman:


Doorman Gnome


The Dickards and their doorman gnome, have become part of our lives as they are in the group of customers that have ordered 30 times from us! We reached out to them to understand what has made them continuously come back to order from Full Fridge and this is what they said: 

"There are many reasons why we love full fridge, and why we can't live without it:

The amount of food is perfect for each dish, in our opinion. We are a household of two, so if someone doesn't like a dish, the other can eat it and there are plenty of other options to choose from. Also, there is always a birthday party or a lunch or a happy hour with friends, co-workers, etc throughout the week. With full fridge, we can go on these outings without feeling like the food at home will go to waste/not be eaten.

We always wasted food (and I LOATHE wasting food) when we cooked, but with full fridge we NEVER waste food. We love that your ingredient list is simple and we know the food is super fresh. We are health conscious enough to know we didn't want to just order pizza everyday to save us time and money.

Your food always tastes good reheated. Whenever I cook something, sometimes it tasted terrible the next day. Somehow, you have created dishes that never lose their flavor after sitting in the fridge for a couple of days.

There are enough options in our package that if we get tired of eating something, we can switch things up.

Your food is super good. We are foodies, and the fact that your food has so many different and interesting flavors keeps us happy and wanting more. It doesn't get boring to eat your food. You use a lot of vegetables I have never been able to use in my own cooking. I like vegetables, but I can never make them taste good. You make vegetables SO easy to eat.

The biggest reason we order full fridge= We were so busy (both in school and working full time) and we needed something to save us time. We wanted something that would cost somewhere close to buying groceries monthly. We have found that we are actually SAVING MORE money by doing full fridge than we were buying groceries and cooking. And now we have so much more time in our life to do other things besides being at a grocery store and in the kitchen cooking and cleaning."

The Dickards