Featured Customer

Felecha Reece


We've been delivering to Felecha almost every Sunday for over 6 months now. She always answers the door with a huge smile or comes around her beautiful backyard (one that you can tell she puts in the effort to look so good.) We asked her if she could share what impact Full Fridge has had in her life:


"I started full fridge when I was too tired to add another task to my day. I kept full fridge because I'd rather be watering the flowers. 

I'm Felecha and last year was almost insanely busy for me. There was never enough time to grocery shop--let alone cook. I tried other meal prep services, but that led to more time trying to figure out their menu. For me, that was always a nightmare. With Full Fridge, the food was already made and delivered right to my door...and Full Fridge recycled the packaging while I water the flowers!"


We hope to continue to see your garden grow, Felecha!