Full Fridge box feedback


One of the most amazing things of doing Full Fridge is the consistent and wonderful feedback we get from our customers on a weekly basis. Every Thursday we send a short survey to all the customers from that previous week, and since it makes us so happy to read these, we would love to share some of them with you!

"I've tried three different meal plans and this is the best one- by far. I love the quantity of food and the cost is very reasonable for what you get. It's also pretty healthy"


"I was very satisfied with my first box and plan to order again. The portions were perfect and the taste was flavorful. I would like to see another ingredient added to the veggie omelette like tomatoes. The raspberry muesli was awesome and was about 4 portions paired with a piece of fruit for myself so that was nice"


"Great service. Hope you all can find investors because I'd like to build your service into our life permanently"