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Many things came together to compose every detail and create Full Fridge about 13 and a half months ago. We knew there was a need for an affordable and convenient way for middle income America to put food on the table, one that would save them time, money, and energy. More importantly, we wanted to add a touch of home in our service. We wanted to replicate the feeling of mom or grandma coming over, cooking a bunch of food and leaving it in the fridge for you. That feeling of being taken care of. We also knew that to evoke that feeling, it would take much more than just the food, it meant providing an entire experience to our customers.

One of the initial components that lead to the creation of Full Fridge, was an idea that all four of us (the founding team) had learned throughout our lives: Sunday cooking with the family and enjoying that food for the next few days. It is commonly known as "meal prepping", but for us, it was always family time. And we wanted to bring that to Full Fridge. When grandma cooks, she's not counting calories, and she's not checking if the food is gluten free. Nevertheless, her recipes are made with a lot of care, attention to using proper ingredients and techniques that have been passed down from her mom and grandma. And that's how we learned!

The experience we provide is not just when eating our food, it starts the moment you come to our website, throughout the delivery process, the unboxing, and even after eating:

  • We made our ordering process, and our entire website, as simple as possible. No frills. No lengthy explanations, just one claim, "come home to a full fridge." We then follow with a curated and selected menu from our growing catalog of recipes that our amazing Head Chef Florian crafts every Saturday from seeing what are the best ingredients we'll be able to get our hands on the next week. Interestingly enough, at the beginning we thought that not having options in the menu was going to be a difficult thing to bring to market. We were pleasantly surprised that not only was that not the case, but our customers fully enjoy having one less thing to think about. We had a customer share with us how this reminded her of her childhood when she didn't get to decide what to eat, her mom decided the menu and was always delicious.

  • The delivery is the moment when we get to interact with you. Those 10 to 30 seconds when you might not know it, but we are smiling because it makes us happy that you ordered from us. When we see that sigh of relief from a new mom, or a dad with 3 kids running around the house, that student cramming for finals, that young professional who just got home and is exhausted and tired of ordering the usual take-out every night. We also wanted to make it as convenient as possible, so we made our packaging in a way that you didn't have to be there to receive it. Yet, we always send you the photo of the box at your doorstep with a quick message. The way we do our deliveries has been so successful, we've had customers invite us in to finish watching the Super Bowl, text us back how their week is going, and even leave the door unlocked and let us come into their empty home to put the food in the fridge! 

  • The unboxing had to be an exciting moment where you feel someone put in the effort to make this for you. Another customer told us how Full Fridge feels unlike any other service because it felt like it was a care-package lovingly put together by a nice neighbor. We've even hand-sprayed our logo on every single one of our boxes!

  • Eating out of a plastic tray is not something we wanted for ourselves, so we didn't want it for you either. It just feels like eating a frozen TV dinner or worse, airplane food. We made our packaging "grandma style" with all the servings put together, which not only helps us keep the price down but because we wanted you to portion out exactly how you wanted and mix and match. Eating out of your own plate really makes a difference!

  • Lastly, we didn't want that ordering from us meant a piling up of trash, and since Full Fridge handles its own deliveries, from day one we incorporated our 100% recycling program. Everything you want to give us, we'll take back!

Because of all this, we've built an amazing reputation with our customers. Our goal is to become more than just another service. We want to be part of your lives because our product is not just our food, it's the opportunity to make your days just that much better!