Dear Full Fridge Family, 

As you may remember, a few weeks ago we sent a note regarding the future of Full Fridge. We have been completely humbled by your responses since then, the amount of support and solidarity; we truly have the best customers! In the note, we explained that we have been working hard to fundraise some much-needed capital so that not only the company could sustain its growth, but also to be able to continue.  We are deeply and truly sorry to share with you that though we got half way there, we were unable to complete this task within the necessary time, and therefore, our last deliveries will be on September 3rd and 4th.

While we are disheartened of having to make this decision, we can't put into words how honored we feel that we were able to earn your trust. You literally opened your doors and allowed us into your lives; something that we'll be forever grateful for. Over the 14 months that we operated we ended up meeting a lot of you, to the point that we even had some of you leave your door unlocked for us to not leave the box outside. On our most recent deliveries during the storm, almost every single one of you expressed your concern and gratitude that we were out there driving to get our product to you. And of course we would, we loved taking care of you! Nothing made us happier than receiving e-mails or messages, or even seeing it on your social media accounts, just how much we were able to improve your day with our service. It truly made the work feel so gratifying, it almost wasn't work.

We could tell you all the challenges in making a food business work, particularly a meal delivery one, and our CEO has published a blog with more detailed explanation, in case you are interested in knowing more. However, we want this note to focus on the future, and not the past. We will be putting all of our love into this last box and we'll make sure to enjoy as many of your smiles as possible during our last deliveries. We the founding team, Romana, Mokshika, Florian, and Federico, couldn't feel more proud of what we accomplished and that we were able to show the world that taking care of people is good business. Our passion and drive towards that goal isn't extinguished with the stopping of Full Fridge. We are very grateful for all the learning throughout this process and how it'll shape our future.

Thank you for being part of one of the most important chapters of our lives and hope you'll always come to a happy home and a full fridge.

With Love, 
Romana, Mokshika, Flo, and Federico

P.S. If for any reason you would like to contact us, you can do so at